MSc Projects

Dissertation Project – Procedural City Generation (31/8/2012)

The aim of this project is to provide a software solution that is capable of combining pre-made 3D meshes and procedural techniques to construct a virtual city that can later be used in a simulation context. I will demonstrate how design principles rooted in linear algebra and calculus can be used to produce varied results with high resolution textures and more than 2500 models rendered on screen at once, while maintaining a minimum frame rate of 30 fps. Further work would include curved roads with Bezier curves and spline interpolation, increased number of unique building models and heightmap integration.

Team Project (16/3/2012)

The spec focused on delivering a game involving flocking AI, strategic or puzzle gameplay elements, advanced graphics rendering techniques and an ecosystem of predators and prey, all within a six week timeframe.

My main responsibilities for the duration of the project included:

  • Creating water and lava effects with lighting oscillations.
  • Reflection shaders in GLSL.
  • GUI / menu / loading screen design and implementation.
  • Multi-threading.
  • Particle system.
  • Game design ideas.
  • Team website.

For more details on the game, check out the website!

This video is an early demo:

Graphics for Games / Game Technologies (16/12/2011)

Here’s a demo of my Game Technologies coursework. The spec was to introduce physics and further interactivity into the real-time 3D Christmas scene initially created for the Graphics for Games module. The program was written entirely in C++ and OpenGL / GLSL without using middleware.

The physics use rigid body dynamics, Symplectic Euler integration and sphere – sphere collision detection. The interactive elements introduced were the ability to launch baubles into the scene with the E key, increase and decrease gravity with the mouse wheel, and influence linear velocity with the + and – keys.


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